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Our Mission

Established in 2006, Lyn Aerospace is a premier engineering firm specializing in research, development, operations and analysis of wideband imaging radar systems. With offices in Florida, California, and on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii as well as a handful of telecommuting professionals the experience of our employees range from over 35+ years of radar experience to young interns finishing their degrees. 


As a Small Business, Lyn Aerospace recognizes the value of each employee and what they bring to our team which is the first mention in our slogan ”People, Science, Technology”.  


Our highly skilled and innovative team thrives on the most difficult technical challenges, it's the driver for the type of work we pursue.

Key Personnel


Ken Kidder
Technical Program Manager

Being raised on the Florida space coast during the Apollo moon launches certainly sparked my interest in the space program. My endless curiosity to understand laws of nature culminated with a doctorate degree in physics from the University of Arizona where I applied data from the finest ground and space-based telescopes. Returning to the space coast, I earned a master’s degree in space systems from Florida Institute of Technology and began supporting systems on the Eastern Launch and Test Range. It is a joy for me now to lead programs and manage our team of radar SMEs at Lyn. When I am not in the office, you will find me playing golf, tennis, or kitesurfing.


Christopher K. Hasegawa
 Technical Program Manager

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Howzit?!? I go by Koa; originally from the Big Island of Hawaii, I currently work on Kauai as the Technical Program Manager for all our support to the Pacific Missile Range Facility. I started with attaining an Aeronautical Science degree, then decided to follow the footsteps of many family members before me and joined the US Air Force where I served in various positions all over the world. It was a blast manning nuclear missile control centers, operating high-powered radars by land and sea, and managing systems that supported successful space launch. My time in the USAF prepared me for my position as Test Director for the S.S. Pacific Tracker supporting Missile Defense Agency missile tests. Now I do my best to make ohana proud by giving back to the community and never settling for satisfactory. When I’m not supporting my team at the office or in the field, you can catch me at the bar or at the beach – work hard, play harder! Cheeee!


Chuck Cox
Program Manager

I was born and raised in northeast Florida.  I spent 8 years in the U.S. Air Force as an Air Traffic Control Radar Specialist stationed both stateside and in Germany.   Following the Air Force, I completed my degree and spent 32 years working at the Eastern Range (ER) headquartered at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL.   While on the ER, my experiences ranged from military and commercial launch operations to systems engineering, development and testing of Range instrumentation systems.  I joined Lyn Aerospace in 2020 and became a Program Manager.  I currently work from my home in Green Cove Springs, FL.  My wife and I have 4 children (between us) and 7 wonderful grandchildren ranging from 1 to 15 years old which tends to keep us quite busy at times.  I enjoy playing golf, tinkering around the house, and spending time with friends and family.


Randi Collins
Information Systems Security Manager

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I was born and raised in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I served 12 years in the Army (National Guard, reserves, and active duty) in transportation and intelligence, leading some of the brightest analysts in safely providing critical information across networks using a variety of tools. I have spent 10 years working civilian side in the defense industry in business management, project management and cybersecurity for the space, air, and intelligence sectors. I enjoy learning new things and finding improvements to processes. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures and foods. I also volunteer organizations that help veterans, minorities and students pursuing the field of cybersecurity. As Lyn Aerospace is a growing company with a diverse portfolio, it is the perfect place for me to serve as the ISSM.

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Originally from rural Northern California, I began my career when I enlisted in the Air Force after high school. I served as an Intelligence Analyst during my enlistment at Osan AB, South Korea, and Phoenix, Arizona. Upon separation from the military, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Organizational Psychology, Human Resources. I have worked in HR in for ten years, primarily in recruiting, benefit administration, and career field related content development. Currently I serve as the HR professional for Lyn Aerospace employees, while searching for fabulous new candidates to add to our amazing team (shameless promotion: #lynaerocareers). Outside of work, I enjoy every minute of my free time with my husband, children, dogs, and hopefully a baby kinkajou in the near future.

Krista Basham
Human Resource Specialist / Recruiter

The People of Lyn Aerospace


"My time at LAS has enabled me to travel to Boston MIT/LL for in-person XTR mission planning and analysis training, and then utilize all of what I learned firsthand aboard the Pacific Tracker. While spending three weeks at sea might not be for everyone, the simplicity was what I enjoyed most: Sleep, Eat, Operate, Repeat (with breaks for foosball). Opportunities like these at LAS have allowed me to build on my technical and analytical skills, obtain new skills, and gain extremely valuable, and memorable, experience. Not only have I gained shipboard experience and expanded the scope of my operational knowledge, but through LAS I have been able to meet and collaborate with SME's from many disciplines, growing my professional network."

Jordan Pultz, Radar Analyst

"My time at Lyn Aerospace has provided a wealth of knowledge, information, and training that I would consider above and beyond all my previous employers/endeavors. They’ve given me the opportunity to travel to Santa Maria California, Norfolk Virginia, Cape Canaveral Florida, and Hawaii on multiple occasions including the islands of Kauai and Honolulu. I’ve worked on and assisted with work on many assets including but not limited to the numerous Queen sensors, TPQ18, Gray Star, XTR-1, and AFRL. Working for LAS has allowed me to rub shoulders and work with some of the best radar and software engineers in the game. I’ve witnessed the growth of LAS and look forward to growing with them in the future."

Ryan Kelehar, Radar Technician


"In my 40+ years in the job, I found the engineering working environment at Lyn Aerospace to be the best I’ve ever experienced.  The atmosphere encourages innovative thinking at all phases of a project and gives an engineer the needed “room to maneuver” in tackling problems or design tasks.  The friendly, small company feel is comforting and I can honestly say it was the best working experience of my career."

Ricky Littleton, Senior Systems Engineer (Retired)

"I started at Lyn Aerospace just under a year ago, and already my time has been very rewarding for my personal and educational growth. This company is relatively small which allowed me to get to know all the people at my office, who are all very willing to share their knowledge and experience. LAS is also very willing to listen as they have implemented a couple of suggestions from my coworkers during my short time here. The work I've been doing has been relevant to my area of study, Computer Engineering, from adding to a codebase developed by MIT to having to learn Digital Signal Processing techniques. Being able to listen to the history of technical challenges and decisions made by the people who've been working on these radar installations, some for decades, allows me to have a great resource for improving myself as an engineer."

– Nick Alcazar, Engineering Intern


"Prior to joining Lyn Aerospace (LAS) I worked over 40 years in very small, very large, and some in‑between engineering firms across several disciplines. Most of the organizations were in the aerospace community serving the government customer. The Lyn Aerospace culture is very unique, combining winning philosophies on how best to serve the customer with cost effective, fully featured solutions, while fostering employee opportunity and career growth strategies. I can best summarize the company vibe as a cohesive family with a balance of big company sophistication and industry leading technology with small company agility and fantastic communication to produce innovative solutions.  It was my experience at Lyn Aerospace that each and every employee is given the opportunity to grow their domain knowledge and job role in a fashion that fosters rapid progression in their chosen or newly acquired field and discipline. I would not hesitate recommending to anyone on the hunt for a challenging career in radar systems development and sustainment, IT, Cyber, Operations, Administrative Support, or Management to look closely at the available opportunities at Lyn Aerospace."

– Richard Wood, Program Manager (Retired)

"I’ve been working at the Lyn Aerospace Santa Maria office since November of 2015.  I find it is wonderful working for a company who cares for their employees.  Their willingness to listen, understand the issue(s) at hand, and implement changes for the benefit of their employees is really refreshing.  Since being with Lyn Aerospace I’ve been able to grow personally and professionally.  There is a genuine spirit of teamwork and comradery working amongst a group of talented people. I have a sense of pride in my work, connectedness, and above all, enjoyment being around the people I work with."

Bonnie Greenlee, Security Specialist/ISSO

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