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Matt Ross was another recipient of Lyn Aerospace’s second quarter High Achiever Award. In addition to Matt’s regular duties, he accepted the challenge of leading the software team to complete development of the TPQ-18 ROSA Upgrade IOC phase. Although he has always worked with the system, this additional need required him to learn all other parts of the system, which he has done with tremendous success. Matt has also provided outstanding support and mentorship to those working on the pre-flight radar operator training conducted in support of MDA launches. Although he is extremely busy with his additional workload and travel, he always finds time to share his huge knowledge base with those coworkers needing additional direction.


Matt continues to be a huge asset to Lyn Aerospace and our mission. He has quickly become the “go to” person on numerous programs and will eventually fill the role of Lyn Aerospace Subject Matter Expert. It will be exciting to watch him grow and fill more senior positions within Lyn Aerospace.

David Tueller was one of the recipients of Lyn Aerospace’s second quarter High Achiever Award. David has been a consistent cornerstone of the Waimea office support to PMRF. On numerous occasions he has provided support above and beyond what was expected of him, finding solutions that have received accolades from the customers. David worked persistently to close drives for FEM-01, building a mini test string in the Waimea office. He was a key player in identifying problems with Q16 data, successfully diagnosing and solving the issue on-site. Once the hardware issue was resolved, he worked directly with technicians to ensure the onboard analysis prevented further issues. Additionally, David also provided XTR-1 support after a DSS problem emerged. He worked tirelessly to find a suitable replacement for the board failure and created a process for future onsite support.


David is an extremely valuable, knowledgeable, and innovative employee who fully represents Lyn Aerospace and our capabilities. His support of PMRF has been invaluable to our company and the missions we support.

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