Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the cornerstones within Lyn Aerospace.  As a provider of real-time software for advanced wideband instrumentation radar systems the company is committed to delivering excellent products and services that meet contract specifications, cost structure, and schedule requirements.  Our approach emphasizes designing and managing for quality by combining our disciplined approach to engineering with systematic and comprehensive quality management.  Our engineers work with the customer to define goals and requirements early in an engagement and establish mutually-acceptable project plans and schedules.  Throughout the project, management maintains close contact with the customer to document evolving needs and incorporate them seamlessly into the ongoing work plans.  Management also monitors and manages progress throughout the effort and updates customers regularly.  Because these activities are incorporated into every action the company takes on behalf of the customer, the Lyn Aerospace approach maximizes quality without increasing costs.

IEEE standard 12207:2013 (Systems and software engineering — Software life cycle processes) is the foundation of our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and is applied across every contract and task order for all services and deliverables.  The QAP provides guidance for scheduling and performing periodic objective reviews and process improvement procedures.

Quality monitoring is accomplished at both the program and project levels, and through a QAP-defined series of periodic reviews and meetings.  At the program level, the PM receives reports from Lyn Aerospace contracts and finance personnel.  These reports include key technical, financial, and schedule performance trends useful for highlighting potential concerns before they become actual problems.  Regularly scheduled program reviews provide additional opportunities for PM and Task Order Managers to discuss issues and suggest areas of improvement.

At the task level, project and deliverable reviews focus on task-related progress.  The project manager works with its team members to ensure the presence of quality in every Lyn Aerospace deliverable and service.  All tasks and our deliverables and services are planned from the outset with the customer’s desired quality of the end result in mind.  Customers are routinely invited to also participate in quality reviews, as appropriate.  Products and services are evaluated against the customer-stipulated requirements and standards, using customized test and inspection procedures.  Results of reviews are documented and tracked throughout the project.  Corrective actions are developed in conjunction with the customer and implemented under the direction of the project manager.  All project plans, deliverables and review results are maintained under documented change management and configuration management (CM) processes. 

Prior to release to the customer, all products undergo a final inspection that assesses the quality of the deliverable in relationship to the customer and project criteria and requirements.  Final inspection may take the form of a group inspection such as a formal test and evaluation (T&E) effort, or an individual review by a senior-level manager with an understanding of the project subject and requirements.  A customer may request to participate in the final inspection.  All Lyn Aerospace deliverables must be approved by management before it can be released to the customer.

At the end of each task, Lyn Aerospace and the engineering staff participate in a “Lessons Learned” session.  Positive and negative lessons from the project are documented and assessed for their long-term value as “best practices” or areas for improvement and are incorporated into relevant corporate work processes, as appropriate.  Configuration management documents and maintains standardized configurations of hardware, software, tools and environments, to ensure quality reviews and inspections are performed in accordance with client expectations.  Change Control and Configuration Management work hand-in-hand to ensure Lyn Aerospace meets its customer’s quality goals.

Lyn Aerospace structure, process, and procedures are designed to meet a single core value: “Keeping the Customer First”.  Our corporate structure, culture, and business practices guarantee responsiveness and cooperation to our customers.  The company’s small size allows the customer immediate and direct access to company management and team members.  At the same time, the depth and breadth of Lyn Aerospace provide our customers with economies of scale inherent to large businesses as well as access to an abundant pool of top quality engineering talent.

Careful research and continual contact with customer representatives from the time the solicitation is released and lasting throughout the contract increase our awareness of the customer’s needs and anticipation.  Company management are devoted to listening to each customer and are authorized to take swift, appropriate action to guarantee customer satisfaction and contract performance.